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hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. >>megyn: thanks for watching, everyone, our coverage continues now. >> mourners here in the shattered newtown, connecticut town of 27,000 held the first two funerals for the young victims on friday's school massacre. the first of 20 funerals for
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children. after the worst grade school massacre our country has ever seen. i am bill hemmer here for shepard smith. the vigils and memorials are hemmed for the 26 people for those who died at sandy hook elementary school. president obama consoled the families and survivors telling a weeping crowd that he will use all the powers his office can bear to keep something like this from happening once again. >> the investigation continues. the tight knit community and everyone across the country trying to understand the "why." why a 20-year-old young man who was smart enough to take college courses at the age of 16 could commit such a heinous crime? why a well-to-do mother would have a collection of heavy duty weapons which police say her son
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used to shoot her in the head, four times, that morning, in her pajamas before he took the same guns to the school to kill innocent children. the guns were her way to connecting with her troubled son. >> she was trying to bond, find ways to bond with him and she told me the guns, she would take them shooting because that was a way a single mom could relate to her son. she would take him out shooting. >>reporter: family and friends describe the shooter as a socially awkward loner but they do not know why he snapped. we start the hour with our team fox coverage with jonathan hunt, back, like, with me near the
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school. where is the investigation today? >>jonathan: it is moving slowly. according to lieutenant paul vance, methodally. there are two main locations they are investigating. the first, of course, is the school where the 20 children and six women staff members all died in the blaze of gunfire on friday. the second location, adam lanza's mother house, where he killed his own mother shooting her several times in the head. he then took the weapons to the school and carried out the massacre. it is a very difficult investigation if so many reasons but lieutenant vance says for the sake of the people of this town, the people of state, the people of the united states, they will get to the bottom of all of this. >> the answers for the victims and the victims and the families and the people of connecticut,
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they want a clear picture exactly what happened here. many times, i have said, are many people, including first responders and town residents and including people in this audience that is broken hearts over this. we are going to do everything that it takes to ensure we uncover every bit of evidence, that we examine every bit of it and we conduct as many interviews with everyone we need to, to paint a clear picture exactly how and why this tragedy occurred. >>jonathan: he promises answers but admitting at the same time that the answers are going to take a long time. >>reporter: the firehouse, jonathan, this is where the kids ran. the ones who were able to get out of school 100 yards down the drive from the school. you wonder about the survivors and how they are coping, two funerals today. than i had a fascinating
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conversation with one of a large team of clinical psychologist whose have been brought in here to do that, to talk to the surviving children, to talk them through what they went through, to help them cope with the present and, of course, to learn for the future, to try to get them through this as best they can. she say it is a difficult process and the children, as much as anything, are the most important ones in helping each other. >> all the moments standout. they are all heartbreaking moments, watching one child come in, a young boy coming in and being very shy and withdrawn and not wanting to talk to anyone and with his head down and holding himself and watching two young schoolmates, girls, come rushing over to him and hugging him, and just, he started to melt a little bit, and they
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brought him over to where the toys were and they were talking to him and it brought him out of the shell. i almost cried with how beautiful i is that how children were helping and supporting each other. >>jonathan: the dr. kuriansky has worked with children after the tsunami and in the wake of the earthquake of haiti we covered and she said this is the one of the most important things, children helping children. the pleasing blessin here is that children are very resilient. >>reporter: you wonder how the adults and parents will cope, with them reaching out. a week in tomorrow is christmas day. at what point do the children out of school get back to school? >>jonathan: the school district, classes are open, again tomorrow. in terms of sandy hook elementary, anyone's guess right
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now. lieutenant vance said it remains very obviously a crime scene but he also said interestingly, it is likely to remain a crime scene, in his words, for months. they do not intends to close down that as a scene of the investigation for a very long time. it remains an open question whether sandy hook elementary school will ever be re-opened. obviously there are arguments on both sides and it is a difficult question that the community will have to grapple with. >>jonathan: terrific report reporting. >> president obama spoke of the 20 victims and said that god has called them all home. today, family and friends attend funeral services for six -year-old noah pozer and jack pinto. noah was called "smart as a whip." he turned since on the 20th of
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november. his twin sister, she was at the school on the same day but in a different close room. she is alive. you can see from jack's tattoos he was a big fan of the new york giants, the tar wide receiver wrote a message on his own cleats for sunday's game reading jack pinto, my hero, rest in peace. and now, more in newtown from rick. rick: these are obviously heartbreaking and challenging days for the community. the weeks and months and years ahead will remain that way as jonathan discussed, the sandy hook elementary school still is a crime scene so there are efforts underway to find another place for the kids to go to school. because police were at the school today they were there to supervise the moving vans rolled up to move out the furniture and desks and other supplies from the school that could be moved
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to another location. that location is in a town of monroe about 15 miles away where the sandy hook survivors are expected to go back to school later this week. you mention the two funerals being held today, two six-year-old boys including jack pinto, who was remembered here in newtown as loving and a giving spirit and determination, also noah with his funeral attended by the governor and many others including his twin sister and older sister who both attended sandy hook and survived. the funerals will stretch throughout the week. >>reporter: two today. two tomorrow and a series after that we have new details about incredible acts of heroism. what are you able to report about that now? >>reporter: many of the stories are coming from the children who survived the shooting in that school on friday. children who either hid or ran for their lives.
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among them students of 27 -year-old teacher at the school. according to the newspaper she herded the 13 children into a bathroom and class it and when he demanded to to know where the kids were she said they were in the auditorium but six kids panicked and tried to run and he shot them and shot the teacher and her assistant and the other seven kids stayed hidden in that clogs it or bathroom until the police officers were in the school, opened the door, and were surprised to see seven pairs of eyes staring back at them. >> thank you, risk, we will be in touch later when we get more headlines and more information about moving this story forward. it is obvious, you can see the tent behind me, this is a makeshift memorial that started yesterday. this is at the end of the 100
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yard road that leads to the parking lot and to the school. this is as close as any reporter or now any member of the public can get to the school. late yesterday, they erected 26 christmas trees and there is a line of pylons to the main road a quarter of a mile down the road with christmas ornaments and teddy bears and flowers have poured in from every state and that process continues throughout the day. we are watching the scene. earlier we were at the end of the road and these makeshift memorials that have been set up throughout the town, they will rip your heart out as we found early today. >> this is the christmas tree that is set up in the village of sandy hook which is a village in the greater town of newtown. there are so many poignant ornaments and reminders and or
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the -- and ornaments and this is for noah, born november 20, 2006. it goes on and on throughout the area. the lego stand i noticed has been set up, and the candles that were burning all weekend long, extinguished now because of the rain or because of time. this caught my eye, state police of connecticut. wrapped around a teddy bear. the police been so wonderful and so professional and it is an indication and a strong nod to the people of connecticut they have a lot to be proud of with the police department. you can see the area, it has grown by the day, the balloons and the teddy bears and the wreaths and the flowers and this christmas tree over here it has the names, it is small, just like a child at that age, there
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is chase. this is dawn hochsprung, the principal, a mother of five, two daughters of her own and three stepdaughters. and i see jack pinto's name over here. and emily parker whose father came out on saturday night and had such a wonderful tribute to his daughter. this is the center of sandy hook, forever to be remembered we, prayers and thoughts for those who have left us. forever. 12/14/12 on the calendar. behind me are the teddy bears that will woulded in. a gentleman from a city council in fairfield, they canceled the benefit because of rain and even after 250 showed up bringing so many stuffed animals they filled
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a van and just now dropped them off and i said why did you come and he said we had to feel some sort of connection and to express the feelings we have for the children and for the teachers who is suffered so greatly at sandy hook. we will watch this throughout the day as it grows into the evening hours and this is a local newspaper here, there are only 27 names, not 28, but nancy lanza age 52, the mother of the killer. down the street from danbury, connecticut, teach them well, a quote from the president at the vigil and the memorial ceremony. commentators are speaking of the shootings here in newtown. we will have more coverage as our team continues live in newtown. ♪
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>> the school shooting here in
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newtown brings the issue of gun violence to the front burner. this is a complicated issue and the press secretary said the president supports certain gun restrictions he said we must also reassess how we dole with things such as mental health. >> the president has long supported reinstating the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. as the president has said, and i just said this is a complex problem that requires complex and a variety of solutions. >>reporter: a new abc abc -- abc news and "washington post" people are at 54 percent who want more strict gun control laws compared to 43 percent who oppose this. >> last night the president got
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high marks across the spectrum for focusing largely on trying to bring the country together but the middle part of the speech which talked about broadly speaking taking some sort of dramatic action, the reporters are trying to put more meat on the bones and press how quickly the president will move. what specifically will the president support? jake carney was vague. >> as you know the president has taken positions on common sense measures that he believes should be taken to address this problem but he made clear that more needs to be done and we as a nation have not done enough to fulfill our number one obligation which is to protect our children. >>reporter: you can hear the questions about gun control but
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he struggled with explaining what, specifically, the president might do other than the one point you played earlier about supporting the ban on assault weapons, senator feinstein of california said she is about to reintroduce that at going of january. >> you can debate gun violence or many things on this, i mentioned mental health, and violent movies, video games, prescription medication, the relationship between a parent and a son but there appears to be pressure from some republican members of the party. what is happening on that? >>reporter: some republicans say, look, don't rush into anything, we have to protect the 2nd amendment and some conservative democrats that like to protect the rights in terms of hunting and recreational and senator from west virginia said he was hundred this weekend, but
12:21 pm
he said now he believes it is time for the president and the congress to come together on some, what he called common sense measures. bottom line, though, from what you heard they are not sure which way they will go so mike bloomburg of new york city said it is time for folks in washington to come together. >> the congress and the president cannot focus on two things at once, who did we elect? >> he was talking about the possibility of the fiscal cliff, he collinsing action on gun control. clearly the mayor would has been pressing the president and others on this issue, he believes they should be doing multiple things at once. >> thank you, ed, from the white house. >>reporter: schools are taking steps to keep children safe in the aftermath of what happened here. an example is the day began in a new jersey school with an announcement to not allow any strangers inside the building. that is coming up as our courage continues live in sandy hook, connecticut.
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>> the newtown massacre was not our first school shooting and or the worse and it will likely not be the last. the question is, what can we do better to protect our children? on this, the first monday since the shooting, teachers and administrators across the country now reviewing their own emergency protocols. many schools are upping security for safety and also to help ease the anxiety of millions of parents who had a tough time this morning and a long conversation over the weekend saying goodbye to their own children as they jumped on the school bus or, in fact, remain driven to the school by their own parents. james has more on that story with me now.
12:26 pm
james? >> public and private schools across the country, authorities are bracing for the kind of difficult questions that children uniquely tend to pose. >> it is very important that we have some age-appropriate discussions as the students bring their concerns forward so that we can return to a sense of normal operations as quickly as we can under the circumstances. >> school security officers are touching base with local police. procedures for safety drills are being revisited. parents are being told, we trained if this kind of situation. some schools observed a moment silence but many school principled err on the side of caution and not raising this as a subject. one principal in broward county said school staff members will be available to speak to individual students if anyone needs someone to talk to. we will not bring up the latest
12:27 pm
tragedy or our conversations but we will be there for our students to listen if they have concerned about safety at our school. >> my own son's principal, here in the washington, dc, area, e-mailed me and other parents last night. "our approach will be to address it as it comes up with students, some of the children will have heard or seen details of they have vent on tv and others may have been shielded from the majority of the information. i do not want adult initiated conversations to impress more on the children than parents desire." another principal in washington, dc area urged parents to limit exposure to the violent and disturbing images available on television and computer screens. >>reporter: and parents want to be the first to talk to kids about something like this. unfortunately, on a friday, james, social media worked faster than parent could get to their own kids which was another source of irritation for having
12:28 pm
that conversation. >> especially for the 4th and 5th grade they more media saturated than a kid in kindergarten or 1st grade. >> the shooter's mother, nancy lanza age 52, knew her son had difficult, from friends of the family. a short time ago we got an interesting new detail from the mediator in the mother's divorce proceeding. we have details on that ahead.
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>> this is "studio b" live from newtown, connecticut. in the past 20 minutes we have seen some of the giant moving vans move behind us taking some of the furniture and desk material out of sandy hook elementary. we will get more on that in a moment but now this is a news conference we are waiting for, from the governor of connecticut. we have not heard from him yet today but that will start from the state capital in hartford in a few moments. we will bring it live. investigators are looking for answers and are running to where the deadly day began. that would be the shooter's own home. adam lanza lived there with his mother in a well to do neighborhood ten miles from our location near sandy hook. police say he began the day friday morning by shooting his mother several times in the head while show was still in bed.
12:33 pm
if there were problems brewing at home you would not have known it from talking to her. she rarely discussed her homelife but was clearly devoted to her children. a short time ago we got word that nancy lanza did not like to leave her son alone. now, what are you learn about this relationship? >> this information is reported from a mediator that helped nancy and peter through their 2009 divorce. they are reporting she felt she didn't want to leave the son alone but the divorce was going calmly and the two people involved here agreed on how their son should be treated. things went rather quickly and she did not get a lot of information or a lot of talk going on about the son. >>reporter: what are friends saying about the challenges that, perhaps, she faced as a mother trying to raise her 20-year-old son? >> a difficult situation. she did speak openly about her son to her friends and they are
12:34 pm
down the street at a local pub and they are telling similar stories that her son was struggling, and she did enjoy her hobby, using guns but it wasn't a key part of her life. in other words using the guns wasn't something she talked about but they do believe she did take her son shooting. and another said it was perhaps a hobby but not as it is sometimes being made out in the press. take a listen. >> she has been described, i think, as some kind of gun enthusiast or survivalist and that is not the nancy i know. i know she has guns and she enjoys target shooting and that's all i know. it is not her primary hobby. >>reporter: despite the fact
12:35 pm
they had several types of weapons in her home. >>reporter: there is much more to learn. we will in time. thank you, molly. according to associated press this has breaking news with the gun man's relationship to the guns in the home. we are told a spoke man from a.t.f. said there were guns fired at a shooting range over the past several years but there is no evidence that adam lanza did so recently and there is no evidence he somehow practiced for the rampage. reading from the a.p. investigators have no indicate that the "shootinger gauged in shooting activists in the past six months." so we are just looking at this. that is a picture from years ago as a much younger man, and the black and white photo is more
12:36 pm
recent. there are two funerals that have taken place already today and this will be the first a very long and sad wave of funerals. a state senator has met with grieving families after the violence on friday, attending the vigil with the president, and he was at the funeral today of a child victim and says that as a parent it is tough for him to comprehend the loss of 20 of newtown's youngsters. the senator interest me now, and i wish the circumstances were different. how are you doing? how are the people you came across today at funerals doing this afternoon? >> well, thank you, i am doing like everyone else, not just in newtown but across our state and our nation, i am still in a state of shock and sadness and it is still impossible to
12:37 pm
comprehend that someone could do this. the people in newtown are feeling the same way: grief. shock. last night's vigil with all the states and towns coming together and having the president of the united states there to speak from his heart and i saw a man speak as a father as much as a president, and that was a very important part of the healing process. this week will probably be as tough as any, dealing with putting to rest those 20 young children but it is part of the grieving process. >> how many more funerals do you plan on attending? >> well, i am going to try to give to at many as i can and pay my respects and lend my prayers to the family who suffered so much. i have gotten so many calls from people all over the place offering to help which is so, we
12:38 pm
are so thankful for that and i asked them to continue to bring in whatever they want to, for the families, for the people in town, for the rest of the children and teachers and administrators who were in the school that day. they have a long road ahead of them, as well. >> i want you to know how many people i have met today that have driven here from all over your state of connecticut, and massachusetts, and the state of new york, and they want to be here to express whatever they can to your community and to the people who have lost so much. my best to you. >>guest: thank you, sir. >>reporter: and a warning of copycat attacks after something like this. police have apprehended a plan for poeting online threats against elementary schoolchildren in los angeles. what is more, they say they found not one but nine fire aways at the home where they arrested this man.
12:39 pm
trace has more on that, live from the west coast newsroom. do we know if the suspect threatened a specific school? >> he didn't mention any names but police say in his facebook threat he did say there would be multiple schools involved and he did refer to connecticut, the shooting this, and said this would be "a larger scale." police have now identified the suspect as a 24-year-old who is a college student at cal poly and arrested in east hollywood and his father allowed police to search the home and they found the nine guns. we are talking two rifles, a shotgun, and six handguns and loads of ammunition. police were asked about how serious they believed the let is. >> we certainly take all threats like that seriously. he is in jail on half a million bail. we take it seriously but especially in light of what happened in connecticut we will do everything we can to keep lossance safe.
12:40 pm
>>trace: this were no suspected bad behavior in his criminal history at all and we should note, they did not find any weapon inside his home just at his parent's home. >> this school district has to respond. what are they saying? >>trace: it helps here if los angeles that most of the schools in los angeles county are on holiday break. the schools that are not on break and that are in session are getting stepped up police patrols. the high schools southern california already have police officers on campus and new this is talk of expanding that to middle schools, even elementary schools. >> we focused here in los angeles at providing our parents and our guardians with absolute sense of assurety of safety so we have specific measures in place on the campuses. >>trace: no word when the suspect appears in court. he is being held on $500,000
12:41 pm
bail. >> thank you, trace gallagher. 30 miles away from here we reported earlier when schools went to lockdown for an hour, this is how on edge you find people in the area, they found a man who was spotted in the area dressed in black wearing a mask and they thought he was carrying a rifle but it was an umbrella. the schools went in look down for an hour and they have since re-opened sell hours ago and that man has been arrested. the net from police here for anyone making any threats online or by telephone is severe. that is ahead. but first, how speaker boehner went back to the white house with the latest offer to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff. that is ahead. and egyptians have wrapped up the first round of voting on a controversial new constitution.
12:42 pm
not everyone is pleased with the results. they could be in for more violent protests. we await a news conference from the governor of connecticut who will speak if the first time today as the families start to say their goodbyes. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >> we are keeping an eye on other stories including word that republicans have paid a new offer to keep us from going over the fiscal cliff. the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts are still set to kick in less than two weeks from now unless lawmakers can agree on a deal. the white house today said that president obama was meeting with the top republican in congress, speaker boehner, to talk it out. how did they do? mike is live on the hill. how did the meeting go? >> well, tough to tell because both sides have been tightlipped
12:46 pm
could be a good sign. we know it was late morning and it lasted 45 minutes and it was a face-to-face meeting with the president and the speaker and treasury secretary following up on a critical friday phone call where the speaker boehner offered essentially to increase taxes on those making more than $1 million. that has been a huge issue in the negotiations. the president has been arguing for increasing taxes on those making more than $250,000. the speaker boehner offered new revenue in terms of taxing millionaires at the white house today. carney said this is what is necessary for broad deficit reduction. >> a certain level of revenue gleaned from the wealthy has to be met and the only way to do that was through, in part, raising revenue. >> harry reid wanted senators to
12:47 pm
be friended to come back to work on the fiscal cliff the day after christmas. >> enjoy that. we are learning of a rough outline of a possible deal. what are the details on that? do you know? >> that would include $1 trillion in spending cuts. $1 trillion in increasing revenue. that includes an immediate downpayment and lawmakers working the rest out next year. possibly included is raising the debt limit which has been critical to the white house, extending unemployment insurance, the medicare fix and tax extenders and now aides to speaker boehner said if he is going to agree to increase the debt limit essentially there has to be equal cuts or reforms to entitlements to match. so he will not just automatically increase the credit card on the federal government but says this has to be equal cuts to entitlements.
12:48 pm
>> you wonder how many votes he can get there in the house of representatives on that. we will soon find out. thank you, mike emanuel. that is a big story in washington, dc. the other story from the middle east goes to the heart of egypt. they are bracing for massive nation-wide protests tomorrow against the country's president as well as the newly drafted constitution. they are voting, remember, and demonstrators have rallied against president morsi recently who tried to grant himself absolute power. the protests grew when the allies draft add constitution that would give hard-line islamists more sway in the largely secular islamic country. remember, egypt often mediates feuds and peace treaties between israel and the enemy and they are critical to middle east peace. over the weekend the constitution passed a preliminary vote, 57 percent of the ballot, and that is said to be quite a bit less than the president expected but the vote
12:49 pm
was riddled with irregularities. back you negotiation you in now town where the governor malloy is holding a news conference in hartford. we expected this to begin a short time ago and he now is talking. we will drop in and hear what he has to say. here the governor. >> you think it will never happen in your home but clearly it did in connecticut. i will repeat something i said on friday and saturday. the families of those victims, their families, their relatives, the teachers and administrators at the school who survived and the children who survived i say on behalf of the state we stand ready to assist you in any way possible, in any way needed to help you heal. so many resources already are being brought to bear but we will bring more, whatever is necessary, and do whatever has to be done, to help our state
12:50 pm
and the community of newtown and, also, the specific neighborhood of handy hook. to that end, for all of our citizens, mutt just for a geographic basis, anyone who is hurting in the state of connecticut, call 211, the crisis line available on a state-wide basis, availables 24 hour as day to connect families with the resources they need to get through the circumstances. it is staffed by people who are trained, trained specialists in handling these kinds of situations. we have used the united way and 211 to help coordinate the many offers of services that are coming into our state. we will use many of those resources, i am sure. >> i want to again thank the president if having come to the state and having pledged to provide on behalf of the federal
12:51 pm
government the presence that we needed in newtown and any additional services that we might need. i comment that he was eloquent and moving and healing and he was powerful. i can speak on behalf of everyone when i say, we are grateful for his leadership and it is obvious he is concerned about our state and our people and i am most appreciative of that. i thank the first responders. it is pretty clear, now, their very quick response saved likes. we are grateful to them they put their lives on the line every single day and there are days like friday when they put their lives on the line and they actually save lives as they clearly did on friday. as a result, children went home and continued the preparations to celebrate christmas or will celebrate hanukah in the future. >> i would like to thank the
12:52 pm
adults in the school, the teachers and the administrators, those who dies trying to save their students are heroes. they gave their lives so others could live. this are those, teachers who in quick thinking action saved many lives. they are heroes, also. there are at are a lot of herosn connecticut today. i said on saturday night i thought there would be a time for public discussion and that discussion would inest bring occur as it does when a tragedy like this takes place. some people interpreted that to mean that i thought it was inappropriate for those discussions to take place. i do not think it sin appropriate for them to sake place. in fact, it is quite appropriate. i was making the point no more than 36 hours after the event my personal job as governor at that moment, was to speak to the
12:53 pm
people of connecticut about the fears they feel, the damage that has been done, and my job was to help and continue to help newtown and the entire state to recover. we know in our state that we have some of the toughest gun laws of any state in the nation but when the investigation is over and all of the information is in i will ask a few questions. is there a law, a policy or procedure we could have had on the book that might have prevented this vat joy? it turns out clearly the answer is yes and i believe it is yes, and we should pursue that strategy. are we doing enough from my mental it perspective to reach out to kids and families who are obviously in trouble? my sense is we are not. we need to look at that in our own state and our own nation. >>reporter: that is the governor of connecticut who is
12:54 pm
going through what he has been doing today. what we learned earlier today this are many, many witnesses that still have to be questioned. some of the witnesses are the young children who survived inside the school, the connecticut police told me early today that this is absolutely essential to talk to the young boys and girls, to paint a picture and get a full idea of what happened. the school behind me is a crime scene until further notice and it is not dealer when the school will open up again or even if it will. you her the governor say that first responders saved likes. we told through local police that the sirens that the gunman heard while he was need the school forced him to pull the trigger on himself earlier than he expected leaving hundreds of rounds of ammunition unused in that school building. we talked about a lot of things the last few days and one is mental health and the she back in the spot light not just those
12:55 pm
of shooter but those facing the survivors and victims' family this is no doubt that those who friends and lovered ones died have a long road ahead. it is critical to help them to prevent more serious emotional issues in the future. we me are family and youth trauma expert, and child family and neuropsychiatry, doctor, thank you for your time. one thing you told our producers what we don't know is as important as what we do know. what are you referring to about what we don't know? >>guest: it is really important we don't label the shooter until we know a lot more of the facts. what happens if we label too usually is there are young people all over our country and
12:56 pm
elsewhere watching the news and panicking that they are going to be labeled as being on the autism spectrum and, therefore, being violent or having a mental illness and, therefore, being violent. we have to be extremely careful about creating wide-spread panic and, also, exposing young people to possible blame and labeling. our focus needs, instead, to be on healing. we need to prevent this from happening again and preventing the long-term consequences of the trauma. >> i can understand that, the other point you made is, help the survivors now. it seems like logic. why stress that point? >> trauma, left to its own devices, results in many horrible thins like addiction, depression, suicide,
12:57 pm
post-traumatic stress f we work with the families and the community to band together we are going to be able to prevent those long term consequences that decimate the community ever further. >> doctor, thank you, from california. aspirin, really?
12:58 pm
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